Revolutionizing battery solutions

Our proprietary separator technology is designed to double battery lifespan. Combined with high temperature-resistance electrolyte, the X-SEPA™ enables batteries to retain efficiency in hot climates with enhanced cycle life. This makes our batteries exceptionally suitable for air and land mobility, extends longevity of the EV battery, and enhances the EV value.

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noco-noco Lease
Hassle-free carbon-neutral leasing

It's all about the journey with our carbon-neutral leasing model with tangible CO2 emission reduction and offsets. From last mile delivery fleets to public transportation networks, it's set to be the smarter way to move.

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Sustainability delivered to your fingertips

We’re working on a smart IoT-based energy management system to empower real time insights, data, and recommendations on your energy consumption and needs. Good for businesses. Great for communities.

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