MOU signed with electric motorcycle manufacturer Srivaru Motors to provide advanced lithium-ion batteries and develop original BMS in strategic partnership


May 23, 2022 [Press releases]

3DOM Inc. (“3DOM”) and its subsidiary 3DOM (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (“3DOM SG”) entered into a memorandum of understanding (“MOU”) in March 2022 with Indian electric motorcycle manufacturer Srivaru Motors Private Limited (“SVM”) for a strategic partnership to equip SVM’s electric motorcycles with 3DOM’s advanced lithium-ion batteries and jointly develop a battery management system (“BMS”).

3DOM SG aims to supply 3DOM battery cells equivalent to 2.2 MWh in 2022-2023, 3.25 MWh in 2024, and 14 MWh in 2025. The three companies will also work to develop a BMS for use in SVM’s electric motorcycles. The 3DOM battery cells and jointly developed BMS will be incorporated into battery packs manufactured by SVM for installation in its high-performance motorcycles. Battery and driving data will be utilized by the three companies for product and service improvements.

SVM’s electric motorcycles will be equipped with 3DOM batteries and the jointly developed BMS beginning with the Indian market, where there is rapidly growing demand for electric solutions amid tightening regulations. “Indian customers use two-wheelers for their primary transportation needs, so the Indian market size is large and growing. It is expected that the Indian two-wheeler market size will surpass 30 million units per year within a decade. It is essential to make sure that the vehicles are safe in all conditions – not just with controlled environment. This MOU helps SVM to deliver on its mission of vehicles which are ‘fast, fun and safe,’” says Srivaru  Motors CEO Mohanraj Ramasamy.

3DOM SG Director & CEO Daniel Goh comments, “We recognize there is urgency to increase the accessibility of safe, high-quality batteries in India. The 3DOM Group and SVM share the same commitment to creating clean solutions optimized for the local market, and we hope this MOU will mark the start of a strong partnership that may extend from mobility to renewable energy storage projects in the future.”

About Srivaru Motors Private Limited

SVM established its startup operation in India with the mission of producing the best riding motorcycles that are best in class. SVM’s founding member previously worked at Tesla Motors. SVM has its first product, Prana, in the market and is working on Prana-elite. This MOU will enable SVM to deliver reliable batteries for its customers who depend on Prana for their regular commute. Learn more details about SVM at