Putting the battery at the heart of a decarbonized social infrastructure

At noco-noco, we believe less is more. Less manufacturing. Less wasted assets. Less emissions. More efficient batteries. More sustainable electrification solutions. More energy optimizations.
We're building a game-changing social infrastructure at the cutting edge of decarbonization technology, with our revolutionary battery solution at its core. With technology that can extend battery life by 2 times, our solutions are designed to avoid carbon emissions, curb excess production, and cut down on wasted assets.

Reimagining a circular energy economy with game-changing battery technology to drive IoT efficiencies

up time
Uptimearrow-upRunning without waste
Energyarrow-downKeep energy requirements to a minimum
co2 emission
CO2 Emissionsarrow-downReduced CO2 emissions

Redefining the battery
as a power and data optimizer

Batteries must be long-lasting to be truly environmentally friendly. X-SEPA™, our revolutionary battery separator technology, significantly improves the lifespan of a range of lithium-ion and next-generation batteries, while an innovative electrolyte formula delivers high-heat performance. Customizable to accommodate wide-ranging requirements for battery output and reliability, X-SEPA™ is the key to unlock an electric future that combines high-performance with sustainability.
We envision a future where these batteries could become the heart of a social IoT infrastructure and be equipped with intelligence functionalities capable of processing valuable efficiency and product improvement data across the supply chain Our end goal? Batteries equipped with the X-SEPA™ through circular services spanning first life in mobility and second life in energy storage for homes and businesses.

noco-noco Lease
Reinventing sustainable mobility through carbon-neutral leasing

Our solution is designed to drive tangible decarbonization in the transport and mobility sectors by leasing vehicles and batteries through a subscription model, with unavoidable emissions from the manufacturing stage offset and renewable energy provided for recharging. Our carbon neutral-leasing service has the potential to be deployed across sectors including maritime, air transport, and facilities management.

Powering smart homes and smarter cities

Our intelligent batteries will come embedded with smart IoT CPUs that can enable data processing and communication, even when the device is not in use. Avoiding the high missions associated with cloud-based servers, a democratic network of distributed batteries will be able to analyze and share data from devices and surrounding environments to optimize energy usage in homes, businesses, and wider communal spaces.