The Future as Seen by noco-noco

The Future as Seen by noco-noco

Battery as Social Infrastructure

The 3DOM Group aims to build a new social framework that can combine economic development with solutions to environmental problems. In the little time left to save the earth, we are working to solve environmental problems through three approaches: CO2 reduction, CO2 capture, and offsetting through carbon credits. noco-noco contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions in two ways: through optimization and electrification.
The world needs a great number of IoT devices in order to increase efficiency and achieve a sustainable society. At the core of this era are batteries, massive amounts of communication, and massive amounts of energy consumption. But in what amounts are these really necessary?

Create a circular energy society with batteries at the core of IoT

If things can make autonomous decisions and move efficiently, energy use can be minimized.

up time
Uptimearrow-upRunning without waste
Energyarrow-downKeep energy requirements to a minimum
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CO2 Emissionsarrow-downReduced CO2 emissions

Redefining the Battery

noco-noco redefines the battery as infrastructure that optimizes data and power, rather than just a container that stores and uses energy.
Since battery manufacturing generates a large amount of CO2, making EVs - the main application for batteries - is not in itself commendable from an environmental perspective. It is important to maximize battery utilization with minimum distribution volume; to achieve this, batteries should be made intelligent. In the imminent future, autonomous driving will also bring an end to battery ownership by individuals. Only by managing batteries as infrastructure can we improve the efficiency of society as a whole. That is why noco-noco does not sell batteries, but owns and utilizes them to provide battery services. The batteries we manage will serve as the social infrastructure that supports the IoT era.

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Making Transportation Carbon-Neutral

In order to reduce CO2 emissions, delivery and transportation are in urgent need of efficiency improvements. noco-noco offers Carbon Neutral Leasing. This service offsets CO2 emissions during the manufacture of the leased items and provides a lease of the vehicle body and a subscription for the battery. And it will provide clean energy and lead to true Carbon Neutral Transportation. Carbon Neutral Leasing can be deployed for everything from ships and airplanes to buildings and factories. Carbon credits are a tool to drive CO2 reduction in the world. noco-noco's unique business model (patent pending) is attracting alliance partners and customers from various layers, including batteries, vehicles, and delivery companies.

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Providing the IoT Infrastructure to Support Smart Homes and Smart Cities

CPUs installed in intelligent batteries can be used as IoT devices during the downtime of battery-powered applications, thereby reducing the amount of wasted assets in the world.

Objects' and people's location information is communicated between batteries to facilitate autonomous driving.

Not only battery data, but also data from the surrounding environment is processed.

Shared and distributed CPUs are utilized as data processing infrastructure.

Batteries that have completed their first life in EVs will be reused for a second life in ESS, which support the supply of clean energy for homes and businesses. The IoT device on the battery talks to various appliances throughout the home to optimize energy use. Our unique technology, provided in partnership with Tesnology, can link up with any device or appliance.


Impact of Long-life Batteries

noco-noco provides a platform for energy efficiency and carbon neutrality. Long-life batteries are the key to our business model. After eight years of developing separators and batteries, we realized the need for an exceptional business model and set our sights on a sustainable platform that leverages the longevity of our batteries. We will provide our separators to a wide range of third parties and promote the circulation of highly reliable, long-life batteries.

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