Energy storage with X-SEPA™

The X-SEPA™ comprises of multiple layers of 3DOM (3-dimensionally ordered macroporous) separators, which are highly heat-resistant polyimide membranes that contain a uniform three-dimensional array of pores. This discourages the formation of dendrites which contributes to longer battery lifespan as well as improved reliability, heat resistance, and high-rates of charge and discharge.
When used in combination with a high temperature-resistant electrolyte, the highly porous structure of the X-SEPA™ and the high wettability of its polyimide material to the organic electrolytes enables the use of electrolytes with high viscosity and boiling points.


Our innovative lithium-ion batteries offer superior reliability, energy density, and lifespan, meeting the needs of growing mobility and energy storage markets


conventional separator
Material polypropylene / polyethylene
Pore structure uneven and 2-dimensional
Porosity about 40-50%
Porosity 150 - 250 ℃


3dom separator
Material polyimide
Pore structure even and 3-dimensional
Porosity over 60%
Porosity 400℃ or higher
Material polypropylene / polyethylene polyimide
Pore structure uneven and 2-dimensional even and 3-dimensional
Porosity about 40-50% over 60%
Heatproof temperature 150 - 250 ℃ 400℃ or higher





A porous film separating the cathode and anode (positive and negative electrodes) that ions pass through during charging and discharging.




Short circuiting and fires occur when separator function is lost, and the cathode and anode connect. The separator is therefore crucial to maintaining battery safety.

Extended Lifespan with High Heat Reliability

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Longer battery life is important from both environmental and practical perspectives.As battery demand skyrockets in the coming years, it will be critical to keep manufacturing to a minimum while maximizing the impact of each and every battery in circulation. Longer life will also reduce battery cost per charge/discharge cycle, making batteries more accessible.
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High porosity allows the separator to hold more electrolyte and extends battery cycle life, or the number of times a battery can be charged and discharged before losing performance.The 3DOM separator helps to maximize the useful life of resources within the battery, lowers cost per charge/discharge cycle, and makes battery reuse feasible.

Balance of Energy Density and Reliability

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High energy density materials are required to extend electric vehicle range, but higher energy density accelerates uneven chemical reactions that lead to short circuiting, stunting battery reliability and hindering commercialization.Next-generation applications demand a battery that achieves both high energy density and reliability.

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The unique structure of the 3DOM separator provides two layers of protection against dendrite formation, the main cause of short circuits. Plus, superior heat resistance means that the separator will keep doing its job even in the rare event of an accident, keeping the extent of damage to a minimum.The 3DOM separator ensures reliability even in next-generation battery chemistries with high energy density.